Metabolic Balance - Only available to Existing Patients

We offer a programme called Metabolic Balance because quite simply, it WORKS. Metabolic Balance is a 3 month nutritional programme that considers hormones, circadian rhythms, inflammatory markers and works to reset the body's metabolic rate. It improves metabolic markers, it improves quality of life scores and the key point is that people do not rebound, but rather gain a much greater sense of body awareness that means that metabolic balance becomes a way of life.

The true test of a good weight loss programme is not where you are at the end of it, but rather whether the weight loss has been sustained 2 years after finishing the programme.

As we enter menopause, we enter a state of inflammation, increasing insulin resistance and oxidative stress. Weight can suddenly become much harder to shift and this can lead to health problems. This is why it is so important to reduce insulin resistance and inflammation as soon as weight gain starts to become a problem.

The “Study for evaluation of the metabolic balance®-programme”  looked at 851 patients and found that:

  • 90% of participants lost weight
  • The average weight loss was 7.2 kg 1 YEAR LATER
  • Metabolic markers (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL triglycerides and gamma GT) all improved during the programme
  • Significant improvements were reported by patients in the dimensions "mental condition”, “everyday life efficiency” and “pain”

The programme:

  1. You complete a questionnaire and have a comprehensive blood test taken
  2. From your results, the correct parameters for proper metabolic and hormonal function are established
  3. You receive a personalised nutritional plan re-establishes your natural night time fat burning process (lipolysis) and kick starts your metabolism again.
  4. Over the next three months, you have a total of 8 appointments.  
  5. At the end of the programme, you have another blood test to reassess some of the parameters.
  6. Real food with no calorie counting the method gives sustained weight loss that lasts in time to a far greater degree than other popular regimes
  7. As a result of the improved metabolism, high blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation often improve along with many other issues like insomnia, aching joints and anxiety

Treatment Schedule and Cost

The programme costs £800 which includes the the personalised programme, 2 blood tests, and eight online appointments.

You will be sent a questionnaire to complete and some measurements to take. You then attend the laboratory for a comprehensive blood test, following which your personalised plan will be created.

Pre programme: Your practitioner will call you to discuss if this is the right programme for you. If you would like to go ahead, the timetable will be something like the following:

1st appt : your practitioner will go through your personalised plan and set a start date

2nd appt: 1 week after starting plan

3rd appt:  2 weeks after starting plan

4th appt: 2 weeks later (i.e. four weeks after starting plan) 

5th appt: 2 weeks later  (i.e. six weeks after starting plan) 

6th appt: 2 weeks later (i.e. eight weeks after starting plan)

7th appt: 4 weeks later (i.e. twelve weeks after starting plan) our nurse will arrange for another blood test to see how your metabolic markers have changed

8th appt: your practitioner will discuss the results with you

Exclusions: Unfortunately metabolic balance is not suitable for underweight patients or vegans or vegetarians that do not eat soya/tofu.